The Oven Mitt Fire of 2015

The Great Oven Mitt fire started innocently enough on the morning of Thursday, April 30th. I had only wanted to put a vegetable lasagna in the oven to dethaw when the dream had been horribly interrupted by smoke filling my living room. 

“Is that just the label on the tin foil lid?” I pondered. The cats looked at me blankly. 

Eventually I got up from my TLC marathon to see what it could possibly be.  

There it was. In full glory. 

An oven mitt. 

The bastard had fallen to the back of the rack when it had only been put there for storage. “Damnit!!” I cried. 

Using a pair of precision tongs, I extracted the smouldering glove. Hastily and with some fascination I laid it to rest on the concrete step. 

There it burst into full flame, as we know oxygen makes things ignite. I had enough time to take a snap of it however. It being non-life threatening and all. 

So that’s my Thursday. How’s yours?


This is pepper. He is one of the cats I am babysitting while my friend moves. He was only supossed to be here a night or two but it’s been a few weeks (of course) and now he is super comfortable. 🙂

I got turned down for a job yesterday so taking some cat pictures made me feel better. 

I am also babysitting Milo. Milo is actually my car, that I found as a kitten in a Petsmart and couldn’t leave him. He was staying with Pepper and his mum for a bit and then fell in love with another cat. I left him there because I saw him four times a week and he was happy. But he seems to be happier now, with me at home. 

Even though his face may not show it, I promise you that he is! 

They leave on the first to the new Townhouse. We will see how that goes!  

Reality Show Run Down:

Married at First Sight. 

Rating: 8/10

This reality series follows a social experiment in which a sociologist and matchmaker pair three couples out of 300 applicants to see if the act of marrying someone increases the sustainability of a relationship. Basically it is a new take on an arranged marriage. Including the part where they meet for the first time at the wedding. 

Sometimes it drags on. That’s why this show doesn’t get a higher rating, because it’s very noticeable that they are trying to fill an hour slot. 

They are currently in season 2. 

Thinking about live blogging the episodes as they come out. Maybe start doing that with select shows?

Would anyone read it?