Fall Fetch Fun

This is the love of my life, my dog Guinness. We decided to go to the park today to throw the ball around while the weather was still warm enough. In Canada it never seems to last long enough.   I also took a selfie because that’s what you do in the fall.        […]

Critic Review: Brooklyn 99 Episode 2

What an interesting turn Brooklyn 99 has taken! This episode follows the crew as they go to the funeral of episode one guest star, Bill Hader as their new captain replacing he beloved Holt and entering into what is shaping up to be a darker period for the show.  There’s a bit of a gritty […]

Reality Show Run Down:

Married at First Sight.  Rating: 8/10 This reality series follows a social experiment in which a sociologist and matchmaker pair three couples out of 300 applicants to see if the act of marrying someone increases the sustainability of a relationship. Basically it is a new take on an arranged marriage. Including the part where they […]