Fall Fetch Fun

This is the love of my life, my dog Guinness. We decided to go to the park today to throw the ball around while the weather was still warm enough. In Canada it never seems to last long enough.  
I also took a selfie because that’s what you do in the fall.   
Happy turkey day everyone!!



Critic Review: Brooklyn 99 Episode 2

What an interesting turn Brooklyn 99 has taken! This episode follows the crew as they go to the funeral of episode one guest star, Bill Hader as their new captain replacing he beloved Holt and entering into what is shaping up to be a darker period for the show. 

There’s a bit of a gritty forced aspect to the show now that the relationship of Jake and Amy is out in the open. The jokes are close but a but farcical of the characters. Jake when he is “garfeldian” is very classic and easily predictable, Every joke at a characters expense is typical of the stereotype; holt grading jakes speech was seen in the thanksgiving episode last season and was predictable. 

The spark in this show is kinda gone for me. Usually when the two main characters get together the show fizzles: bones, castle, OUAT, Gilmore Girls, etc. A certain tension is lost that kept all the social dynamics in place. 

I hope Andy samberg gets back to the high rolling fluid energy he had when they really got comfortable with each other. I think he has a lot of potential with the cast and if he lets his weird comedy side come out from his Lonkey Island days he will find the right rhythm for Brooklyn 99. 

Praying this is a tactic where they split the cast up and make the show premier a low point to build comradery. Fingers crossed!!

A Marilyn Candid

This always gets me because most people know the relationship Marilyn Munroe had with her public appearance and her darker inner monologue of how that took a toll on her and how people saw her as a sexual object to be possessed. 

This picture is one of the only ones I like of her because I know that no one can be that “on” all the time and it seemed hollow to me. 

This is for all the sad people you see on a daily basis for a fleeting moment caught in an emotion.   


Does the idea of “not knowing what to do with your life” ever go away? I feel like since I can remember I have been confronted with this idea of having goals. 

As a child we would be told to write them down and somehow I never saw goals as being valuable. “What’s the point?” I would ask my teachers, “Either I am going to do well or I’m not. Having a goal is dumb.” . I still think that to this day; that having some large statement written down is not going to help in any way, shape, or form. Life is going to do what it does no matter what and we make the small decisions that add up to a higher achievement. 

Being unemployed for the past six months has really made me confront my ultimate want in life. Should I finish university despite crippling financial status? Should I wait for a job I want and may love or just take something at the mall to make ends meet? Or should I enjoy the time I have a little bit in the mean time? Should I change my path completely and do something totally new? 

All of these swim in my head constantly over and over. Swirling into a whirlpool of insecurity and constant second guessing, followed by many a long hour imagining the results of each senario. It’s not a way to live, I’ll tell you that. 

I was never one for pouring hours of hard work into something I didn’t truly have a passion for, which I think in many ways is the reason I am stuck. How does one find a passion? What if you don’t have one? I am not a person to live life without passion, so subscribing to the “just get through the day” stuff kills me a little. Should I have to sacrifice loving my life to make ends meet?

I suppose that’s a juvenile way of looking at it. Many people do what they need to and end up loving their lives. Not everyone has the luxury of loving their careers. At what point do you need to stand up for that though? Why do we always have to hate our jobs? 

So back to my original question: when will I know what to do with my life? 

I have no idea. I may never know. 

Do you?